I collect Buffy/Angel action figures, statues, sideshows, model kits, comics, trading cards, photos/ autographs etc.

About my custom Buffy/Angel figures:
I do take some commission work.
Price per figure varies between € 100 – € 150.
Email me for an exact price quote. If you want to know more or want to buy a custom figure already finished see my  for sale page.

I have lots of dupps of my trading cards for selling or trading, see my trading cards page, not only Buffy/Angel, but also, Alias, Charmed, Smallville and lots more.
Further I can trade or buy/sell action figures/parts of Buffy/Angel or other action figures of the same size or any other Buffy/Angel stuff. See my trade page.

If you’re interested in anything just email me...

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