I’m Gusta from The Netherlands and started making custom action figures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel in the summer of 2002.
I’m a very big fan of Buffy/Angel and also like other tv-series very much, but Buffy/Angel are my number 1. I’m also a big fan of super heroes, especially Superman, and yes I do watch Smallville :-)

I’ve been to several Buffy and Angel conventions in the USA, the UK, Germany and The Netherlands. See my EVENTS page for photos.

When I showed some of my custom figures to the actors of Buffy and Angel and some fans, they all were very impressed and excited with my work and told me to start making a job out of it. They also wanted to buy a lot of my custom figures, but in that time I didn’t want to sell any. I was very happy with all the great compliments and phrases and all, and therefore I decided to start this website with my own Buffy and Angel custom figures.

Making custom action figures of Buffy and Angel is one of my hobby’s, I made all my custom figures for my own collection.
I did sell some custom figures when I first started making them, but later I only made them for myself. And occasionlly I do some commission work.
Also since my collection is getting way too large I start selling a few of my custom figures. Just so I have room enough to make some new ones.

I might make some other T.V. custom figures in the future, I already have lots of plans, but way too little time...

I collect Buffy and Angel action figures, statues, Sideshows, model kits, comics, trading cards, Fotos/ autographs etc.

I have lots of dupps of my trading cards for selling or trading, see my TRADING CARD page, not only Buffy and Angel, but also, Alias, Smallville and lots more.

Further I can trade or buy/sell action figures/parts of Buffy, Angel or other action figures of the same size. Just send me an e-mail when you’re interested.

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